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I have only recently started to blog more seriously than I did previously, hope you like what you see. :) If you would like more information on a particular project please ask and I will see what I can do. I have now started doing challenges, I will hopefully be doing one every month. To go direct to my challenges please click on the link from the right. Hope you can join in I would love to see your creations. x

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Tuesday 3 July 2012

Blog challenge

I would like to start by saying thank you to everyone who is following my blog and also for those who have posted such lovely comments. I have decided as I have been posting my card creations for a little while now I would like to see what everyone else does. I am starting a blog challenge where you design a card using the sketch below. As I am new at this my sketch is very simple, maybe I will get better as I go along. Wish me luck, hope it all goes ok :) A big thank you to Helen Plant who is the sponsor for this challenge
The lucky winner will recieve a £5 voucher to spend on downloads at chameleon card craft the winner will be announced on the Monday 16th July. So come on crafters lets see what you can do:) Looking forward to seeing some of your creations.
Here is a sample I did for you all to see, I will post more on during the next couple of days. I have asked a couple of my friends to do some samples too and become part of my design team so hopefully will give you some inspiration. x



  1. Here's your first entry for your challenge, hope you get lots more. Great inspiration form the DT.

    Sue x

  2. Thank you Sue, I will pass on comments to my DT. X

  3. i have tried to enter hun my entry is number two under the post but just i case i will put it here too im very new to blogspot x


  4. Hi there, I have entered the sketch challenge, I am No. 3 on the list, hope I have done it right xx

  5. Thank you Jane, yes you did it right. Lovely card x

  6. Hi, Your cards are beautiful :)
    I might just have to try and enter your challenge

  7. I have left a comment for all the entries so far apart from number 2 as its says i do not have permission to view. Any one know why please xxx

  8. Hi Caroline, entry number 2 was done by a newbie to blog and was not done correctly. Entry number 4 is the correct one, didn't know how or if I could delete it so left it as is. Thank you for leaving comments for the entries, hope you will be entering also :) x

    1. Thank you Sheila, I will have a hop over to her blog soon. Im in the middle of being creative and planning my card for the challenge. Lots of lovely Entries xx

  9. I have tried to enter but nothing has appeared yet.

  10. It's ok I can see it now. Thanks for the challenge. xx

  11. I have now entered...Im number 6. Thank you for letting me take part xxx

  12. Lovely cards ladies..... I would enter the challenge, but will be away that week x